Staying Safe while Bouncing Away

In recent years, there have been many new and improved party attractions for partygoers of all ages, shapes and sizes. Some of these have been interesting, while others seem to belong in a dumpster in a very shady part of the neighborhood. One of the party attractions that has managed to stay in the category of being fun, interesting and entertaining at the same time is the inflatable castle. This has become a staple in just about every kids’ party anywhere in the world, and it is definitely worthy of this high post, because it is one of the coolest attractions to have ever.

Easy to find, setup and use

It also helps that it is easy to find these castles anywhere. For example, if you are in NSW and looking for party attractions like jumping castles hire Penrith party supply companies. They usually have what you are looking for in the form of bouncy, inflatable awesomeness. Of course, you can’t just get one of these and let the kids fool around in them without some form of safety procedure. While these castles are usually among the safest of the party attractions even though they seem like they are about to collapse, you still need to remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Adult supervision

Supervision is something that needs to be done at all times. Of course a lot of the companies that provide jumping castles hire Penrith, Sydney and others have by the dozen come with their own supervision team. If you are using it for your own private event or birthday party, it doesn’t matter who else is there. Always station someone you can trust, who is very responsible, by the castle to make sure that there aren’t any mishaps. You can make sure that everyone has fun by doing the supervising in shifts so that the supervisor gets relieved as well.

If the castle is to be used at a larger event in a public place like a product promotion, you will need to have a trained, licensed supervisor on duty for the entire time. This is a requirement by law, so don’t let yourself slip or you could be facing charges if an accident does happen. Make sure that the team who comes with the castle to set it up know what they are doing. By law, they need to have the proper training and certification in order to provide the safest experience for the children. Providing written instruction leaflets is a good way to start turning the safety factor up.